What Happens When Saturn Returns.......

Astrology is all about cycles and at some point every planet, including the Sun and the Moon will "touch base" with the position it occupied at your birth.   Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move too slowly for us to experience a "Return" but all the others do come back to their natal position.  

The effect on your own horoscope when a planet reaches the exact same position it occupied at your birth is both fascinating and illuminating.   You may be familiar with the "Solar Return" which is when the Sun comes to the same place it is in your Natal Horoscope.   This is your birthday and when we say "Many Happy Returns," it is the Solar Return we are celebrating and in effect it is your own personal new year and a chance to make a fresh start.

The planets on longer cycles and have a deeper and more profound effect on your life and of these, the "Saturn Return" may be the most familiar but also the most feared.   Saturn spends approximately 2½ years in each sign and consequently it makes its first return to its natal position in your horoscope when you are somewhere between 29-30 years old and its second return at around age 59-60.  

When we are on the cusp of 30 it really does feel like the dividing line between youth and maturity.   At 60 people are often coping with their kids leaving home, retirement and how to best enjoy the next phase of life that hopefully will take them to the third Saturn return at around 89-90.

To find out what the Saturn return means we first have to examine what Saturn actually represents.   Fundamentally, Saturn symbolises structure but also 'limitation' in our life.   Saturn was traditionally considered a 'malefic' planet and even today it has come to represent obstacles and impediments to our growth and pleasure.   No wonder the Saturn Return is anticipated with apprehension!

However if you think about it, boundaries and limits are quite useful: without the structure of our skeleton and the boundary of our skin, we wouldn't be able to stand up!   Without speed limits and traffic lights the highways would be a bloodbath.   Structure and self discipline help us to earn a living, maintain our homes and feed our families.   While our imagination knows no boundaries, dreams will never become reality unless we can shape them into something we can use.

The Saturn Return can be a testing time, whether it is your first, second or even third.   Events in your life may cause you to stop and think and it sometimes feels as though there is a conspiracy to block everything you are trying to do.   Often the re is a strong sense of frustration about where you are at right now especially if you are laden with heavy responsibilities.   However any impulse to 'cut and run' is likely to backfire on you.  

And perhaps that is what we most dislike about Saturn's message.   Being stuck in a rut or weighed down by responsibilities is not a great space to be in but running away often stores up trouble further along the line.   We crave freedom but it is out of bounds!   We want to make changes but they don't come easily.   It is as though the Universe is sending us a mixed message: you've got to change something but first you have to discover what it is.

Perhaps there is nothing to do but batten down the hatches and sit it out.   But Saturn is the reality planet and by being as objective as you possibly can, you will start to see how and what you can change.   Gradually you will start to create a stronger framework on which to fix your dreams and hopes for the future.    Sure, you may let go of some outmoded ambitions but their place will be taken by new ideas and aspirations.

In fact it is the in overcoming obstacles and limitations that you discover what you are really made of and ultimately leads you to fulfil your true potential.   It is no coincidence that the Ancient Roman festival of 'Saturnalia' had a reputation for licence and excess - they could afford to let off steam because the harvest was safely gathered and stored for the lean period to follow.

Saturn is in Scorpio until December 23 2014 when it moves into Sagittarius. Because of it’s retrograde movement it returns to Scorpio between mid June and mid September 2015. Those of you born between December 1982 and October 1983 will already have experienced your first Saturn Return. Those born between November 1983 and November 1985 will start to feel the resonance of Saturn as your Returns approach . You will be figuring out how you want to structure the next 30 years of your life and this could encompass one or all of the following issues:

Relationship issues – are you with the right partner?
If you don’t have children, do you want them?
Are you in the right career?
Are you ready to ‘settle’ or are you afraid you have settled too early?
Are you ‘happy in your own skin’ or does your self confidence need some work?

The second Saturn Return occurs for those born between October 1953 and late October 1956. In more enlightened times, this was considered to be the age of wisdom but in our youth oriented society it’s easy to feel overlooked and unproductive at 60. However, by refusing to tap into this ridiculous idea you can make the next part of your life one of innovation and enjoyment. This is the time to:

Learn something new;
Travel and explore different cultures;
Focus on your partner rather than your kids;
Give yourself permission to do things simply because you want to.

In fact you can do anything you want to so long as you remain true to yourself.   And that is the great lesson of the second Saturn Return: if you are not living your life in a way that really makes sense to you, this could be a tricky time and you may have to take stock and find out just what your own truth really is.