Make Note of 2019's Mercury Retrograde Periods

This year two retrograde periods occur in Water signs — Pisces and Scorpio but sandwiched in between the two is one that is a mixture of Fire and Water — Leo and Cancer. I write this every year, but it is worth remembering that the golden rules for Mercury retrograde are always helpful to keep in mind.

Communications can really go awry, and this can create havoc with professional and personal interaction. Be specific in what you want to say and don't be afraid to ask for clarification from others. In matters of the heart especially don't let anything remain ambiguous — no worrying what he/she really meant by that off the cuff comment, gently ask!

Technology comes under Mercury's domain and while in the past we just had to think about telephones now that there is such a myriad of devices to consider it is easy get overwhelmed. Remember Mercury retrograde is not an ideal time to buy new products such as laptops or cell phones but it is a fantastic time to do some research. Unfortunately, these tools do tend to go wrong during Mercury Retrograde. And as if to prove me right, as I write this piece on December 6, 2018, the very day that Mercury stations to turning direct, my own phone has decided to stop sending text messages!

Short journeys such as the daily commute can also suffer delays and annoyances. Assuming these will take longer and planning accordingly will save you a good deal of stress and put you in the boss's good books. This is a good time to service your car, but not to buy or sell one. Again, research pays dividends!

Finally, be aware that social and professional arrangements can get a bit scrambled. This can be because they are changed at the last minute for one reason or another or that one or other party has misheard or misunderstood the where and when aspect. Nail them down if you are in any doubt at all.

Remember also that Mercury has a shadow period when it has turned forwards but not reached the degree at which it reverses direction. This is worth noting as there could still be lingering niggles to contend with.

Above all, I don't worry about Mercury retrograde! It generally symbolizes irritation rather than disaster.

The Retrograde Period of March 5th — 28th

The period of Piscean retrograde motion could be extremely trying if you are someone who values order and being in control. Pisces is a dreamy sign, to say the least, and regardless of your own sign, it may be difficult to stay focussed. However, this is a great time for dreaming those big beautiful dreams. Halfway through the period, from the 15th to the 20th, your ideas and insights may astound you. Don't fret about the how and why, but keep them both at the back of your mind, and file them away for future use. The shadow period lasts until April 17th so watch out for minor glitches. Neptune and Mercury come together on April 2nd for the only time this year. This could really add power to your treasured aspirations and between the 7th and the 11th of April, you may really find your way through.

The Retrograde Period of July 7th — August 8th

Having just entered Leo, Mercury retrogrades on the 7th of July. It takes a while, but it will back into Cancer on the 19th. In between on the 8th, while back tracking in Leo, it's close proximity to Mars could mean one misunderstanding or communications breakdown gets a bit heated. Keeping your cool may be tricky but worth the effort.

On July 25th it conjoins with Venus, and you may be overjoyed to hear from a friend or family member completely out of the blue. Mercury re-enters Leo on the 11th and escapes its shadow period on the 15th.

The Retrograde Period of October 31 — November 20

Well, better keep those Halloween arrangements flexible this year because Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is ideal for taking time out for contemplation or mediation. The veil between this world and the other is said to be very thin this time of year. Scorpio rules deep feelings among other things, and it could be immensely helpful now to work to release any long-held resentment or grudges you have been unable to let go of so far. On the 10th of November and again on the 13th, conditions are ideal to do an emotional cleansing and releasing ritual if you can find the time and space to do so. Mercury continues in reverse motion until November 20th and is released from its Shadow on December 8th. This entire period is perfect for getting in touch with your deepest feelings.