Saturn in Capricorn

December 20, 2017 December 17, 2020

(Saturn will be in Aquarius March 22, 2020 July 1, 2020)

Capricorn is one of the two signs that Saturn rules, the other traditionally being Aquarius. Saturn is very comfortable in Capricorn as the earthy, conservative essence of Capricorn resonates particularly well with it. The last time that Saturn transited Capricorn was back in 1988 - 1991. If you are old enough, it may be useful to think back to the concerns and decisions that you made then as in effect this the Saturn Return for what was put in place then.

For the next three years or so it might be helpful to adopt the old saying 'slow and steady wins the race' as your motto. Saturn, the planet of limitations and responsibility does not bestow us with quick fixes and corner cutting. This is of even more relevance while it is in the sign of its dignity, Capricorn. Regardless of your own Sun sign, this is the perfect time to take a realistic and unflinching look at the structures of your life to understand which are working well, which need some re-jigging and which need to be dismantled altogether.

Only you will know those elements of your life that feel restrictive and limiting. It could be professionally or in your personal relationships. Take a long cool look at these structures. Don't automatically accept them because they have been in place for a long time. Equally smashing up long term relationships, jobs or commitments is not the way forward either. Try and look at ways that retain the benefits while creating the space for you to be yourself and have more independence. If you feel really oppressed and restricted by one aspect of your life, this may indeed be the moment to start extricating yourself. However, some responsibilities are impossible to wriggle out of. This may be particularly pertinent if you are caring for older relatives or friends and it is just not possible to walk away. In this case Saturn in Capricorn invites you to look inward in order to develop a sense of inner freedom while you continue to carry out your commitments.

At the other end of the scale, Saturn in Capricorn highlights ambition and achievement. The realm of business, politics and social structure are under the spotlight with this transit. In the wider world, there could be undermining of the status quo as hidden wrong doing and deceit, most likely connected with finance and real estate comes to public notice. In our own lives, honorable hard work finally gets rewarded while those that have reached the top unfairly might get their come-uppance! If you have cherished career plans, this is the right time to realistically examine your strategy to see what is working and what needs to go. Allow new ideas a bit of space rather than immediately acting on them or dismissing them out of hand remember 'slow and steady. Bear in mind also that the pursuit of status and power for its own sake now could backfire badly. Authenticity and a desire to work hard and create something of lasting value for yourself and your loved ones is of the utmost importance. That is true success!

This is a great transit for putting down roots. Creating a home and making genuine emotional commitments now stand a pretty good chance of being long lasting and satisfying. Saturn in Capricorn reminds us of the value of living within our means and conserving our assets for the long term. This may mean dealing realistically with anything that has been a drain on your energy or resources. The best way to create and enjoy a comfortable way of life is to cut out the dead wood, especially if it is a waste of money! Make no mistake, because Saturn forces us to face up to things and Capricorn is symbolically linked to the earth itself, during this transit our misuse of natural resources will be under the spotlight. Every country in the world may have to confront these ecological matters in one way or another over the next three years.

Saturn is often linked to fear - not so much fear of the unknown but fear that we lack something be it security, freedom, love or money. This doesn't always mean we don't actually have these things, just that we fear that we might lose them in some way or possibly not recognising them. This is where the importance of realism and objectivity come to the fore. At the same time if you really do feel that one aspect of your life is genuinely heading in the wrong direction, rather than hiding your head in the sand or applying some sticking plaster, now could be the time to seek out a new direction.

Despite Saturn's reputation of being one of the planetary baddies, its true message is that we 'get real'. In Roman times, Saturn gave its name to the festival of Saturnalia. This was a time of feasting, gift giving, drunken revels and role reversal. It happened around the time of the Winter Solstice and is very resonant of Christmas. It was a celebration of the hard work and sacrifice of the previous year and it is great reminder that only by putting in the effort can we enjoy the blessings that this world has to offer us.