Jupiter in Scorpio
Oct. 10, 2017 - Nov. 7, 2018

Jupiter changes signs on a yearly basis and after its 12-month journey through Libra it enters Scorpio on the 10th of October. Jupiter is known as the 'Greater Benefic' like a sort of Jolly Green Giant of the Zodiac. It has a reputation for bringing joy, hope and good luck into our lives. Certainly when it touches something in our own charts there is generally an increase in opportunities to get more of what we want from life.

While in Libra the focus has been predominantly on relationships personal, professional and spiritual. As Jupiter enters Scorpio, a fixed water sign it encourages us to turn our attention inward. Of course this doesn't mean that relationships cease to be of importance in fact the chances are that most valuable of them may undergo a kind of regeneration during this period.

Ultimately, Jupiter symbolises our need to find meaning in our lives. Obviously its sign & house position in our individual charts illuminates how this plays out in our own lives. But the sign that Jupiter occupies in the sky affects us all as it provides a kind of backdrop to our own lives as well as events in the wider world.

So this year when Jupiter transits through the deep and enigmatic sign of Scorpio you will be prompted to contact and explore your most profound and intense feelings. Where do you experience insecurity or jealousy? Are you guilty of trying to control your nearest and dearest or do you feel that others exert too much emotional control over you? Do you recognise a lack any clear emotional boundaries in your relationships? Alternatively, do you exercise rigid self - control where your feelings are concerned? Jupiter in Scorpio will help you to develop the wisdom to change those parts of yourself that are no longer working in your best interests. More importantly this transit will enable you to work your way through these issues optimistically and with generosity towards yourself and those closest to you.

Jupiter rules expansion and growth. Obviously when this is connected to positive aspects of our lives it is rather wonderful. However, the sign of Scorpio does have a rather disturbing reputation when applied to the world at large as opposed to individual charts. For example, what is considered discretion in personal relationships tends to be more like sinister secrecy when linked to big business, politics, the law and organised religion all aspects of life linked to Jupiter. A passionate and driven individual can be charismatic and successful but if this tips over into a destructive desire to ruthlessly control others in order to reach a goal then it isn't so admirable. We can expect some pretty ruthless operators to come to the fore in world politics and the financial institutions that control our lives over the next 12 months.

So with this rather difficult backdrop to our lives, making the most of the good things promised by Jupiter tends to depend on how we can utilise the best facets of the sign of Scorpio. Self-control and a strong will help you to resist the kind of pitfalls that come from assuming a lucky break will transform your life. A sense of purpose, thoroughness and a steadfast willingness to keep going (all Scorpio traits) will ensure that you are ready to make the most of any lucky breaks or unexpected offers that come your way.

An upbeat and optimistic approach helps you attract opportunities that will improve your life and make you happy. At all costs avoid slipping into feelings of jealousy and resentment these shadow qualities of Scorpio could seriously mess up your relationships and prospects as they may become overwhelming and skewer your outlook if you let them. Keep in mind the old proverb 'Walk a mile in another man's shoes before you judge him' as well as the familiar warning about not to shooting yourself in the foot!

The Sun and Jupiter are at one in conjunction on October 26th. This is a lucky day for taking a chance on something outside your comfort zone.

Jupiter is retrograde between March 9th and July 10th 2018. Under no circumstances be tempted to ride your luck during this time! Dot every 'I' and cross every 'T' to be sure of success.

Jupiter is in a harmonious aspect to imaginative Neptune on December 3rd of 2017, and May 25th and August 19th of 2018. Inspiration can strike at this time as these two planets stimulate our idealism and our desire to expand our mental and spiritual outlook with hope and confidence. Travel plans will come together easily and you may even embark on your dream vacation!

On January 16th, April 14th and September 12th of 2018 Jupiter links up with Pluto, the planet of deep seated power and Scorpio's ruler. If you have been striving to achieve something that means a lot to you, these dates could herald a breakthrough or some significant signs of success. Whatever stage this project is at, you will have a cosmic boost to your determination and endeavour!

So, while Jupiter transits Scorpio, keep an eye out for exciting opportunities but also look inward to explore your deepest feelings, with kindness to yourself!