2019 Eclipses & the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon!

Get an overview of the three Solar and two Lunar Eclipses that will occur in 2019. Remember that the effects of Eclipses may not be necessarily felt at the time as their effects are longer term. Some astrologers reckon on two weeks either side but others believe six months is more likely. See what you think!

New Year

January 5th brings a Solar Eclipse at 15° Capricorn. This boost of energy in the practical and level-headed sign of Capricorn can focus our attention on career matters and our standing in the world. You may find you have important interaction with people who are older than you or are in a position of power or authority.

The corresponding Lunar Eclipse is on January 21st and is just into the sign of Leo. Mars and Saturn make a tricky and obstinate aspect to one another on the same day. This is a day to avoid disagreements or topics that you know will push someone's buttons. The chances are that everyone will dig their heels in and absolutely no progress will be made in the short term.


As the Solar Eclipse approaches on July 2nd. the Moon in Cancer makes a lovely aspect to Uranus, now firmly in Taurus. You may be moved to express your emotional connection to your family or maybe someone who has become very special to you recently.

The Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon on July 16th occurs at 24° and thus is close to Pluto currently retrograde. The energy is high around full Moons, and you may feel cornered by someone or some situation. This is a time to touch base with your own inner power. You may not be able to turn things around to your advantage, but you can own your feelings and acknowledge your right to be heard — even if you have to wait a few days or weeks for the opportunity.


Only the Solar Eclipse before the end of the year, this time on December 26th in Capricorn again. And again, it makes an aspect to Uranus as it approaches.

Uranus is back in Retrograde motion in Taurus and this Eclipse could stimulate your desire to move home, remodel or decorate the home you are in. However, you may have to wait until Uranus turns direct to get going.