The Eclipses in 2018

Get an overview of the three Solar and two Lunar Eclipses that will occur in 2018. Remember that the effects of Eclipses may not be necessarily felt at the time as their effects are longer term. Some astrologers reckon on two weeks either side but others believe six months is more likely. See what you think!

Lunar Eclipse January 31st

The second Full Moon of 2018 is the first Lunar eclipse of the year. In Leo it stimulates emotional and creative expression. There may be opportunities to tell someone important exactly how you feel and it is more than likely to evoke a positive response.

Solar Eclipse February 15th

Because there were two Full Moons in January, February has none. So, the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 27 Aquarius accompanies the January Full Moon. This is said to encourage ideas, innovation and new ways of doing thing. Unexpected options may arise and if possible, you should grab these opportunities with both hands. This Eclipse directly contacts the Moon in the USA chart. It won't be visible but it will connect especially with women and communications in some way. Maybe a prominent female personality will have something to say that has a greater impact than would normally be anticipated.

The Summer months bring us two more Solar Eclipses and one Lunar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse July 13th

The New Moon at 21 Cancer will focus our attention on personal relationships. There is a focus on the home and family and as this Eclipse has a quality of sensitivity you may feel as though you are treading on eggshells regarding one particular relationship. It may be better to back off and let him or her approach you.

Lunar Eclipse July 27th

In contrast to July's earlier Solar Eclipse, this Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius has a cool and emotionally detached atmosphere about it. Tricky relationship issues need to be approached with a clear head and certainly not with emotional outbursts. This is not to imply that important relationships are falling apart but it may mean that someone close or you yourself have a lot on your mind and need to focus on this without any distractions. You or the other person may seem to be a little distant which can lead to feelings of insecurity. Mars is at exactly the same position as this eclipse and it is fair to say that a certain amount of anger may be expressed now. So, keep as cool a head as possible and try not to over react if you are involved.

Solar Eclipse August 11th

This New Moon at 18 Leo is about rebuilding and restructuring those elements of your life that are no longer serving their purpose. You might wake up one morning and have one of those lightbulb moments when you realise that you have been doing something in the same way for years and actually, it really doesn't work in the way that really benefits you anymore.