What the Stars will bring in 2018!

There is a definite shift in energy in 2018 as two of the outer heavyweight planets, Saturn and Uranus, move from Fire signs to Earth signs. Saturn has already entered Capricorn by the start of the year and Uranus enters Taurus in May. There will be more detailed information about these two important transits on the website. However, in general terms we can say that the focus turns from great ideas and idealistic rhetoric towards practical matters and the here and now.

The world in general has been a very topsy-turvy place recently and while there are still a great many issues and conflicts that are to be resolved, our attention must be on our own security and personal assets.

Pluto, still on its incredibly slow journey thru Capricorn, has been encouraging all of us to take control of the material aspects of our lives as much as we can. There is no doubt that many folks are having a tough time financially, all around the world. This year with Saturn and Uranus both entering earth signs, fresh impetus to increase our security becomes important. In personal terms Uranus will bring opportunities and sudden brilliant ideas. Saturn helps us to see how we can let go of commitments that drain our resources and at the same time stabilise and control our own assets.

In global matters I am hoping that the powers that be wake up and realise that we can and must all work together to protect our beautiful precious planet from any more damage.

Neptune continues in its home sign of Pisces. It is approximately one third thru its time here. Connecting to the divine in whatever way suits you best will be exceptionally nourishing this year. This is highlighted at the end of May and mid-August when Jupiter makes a stunning aspect to Neptune. This is when humanitarian ideals and a sense of connection to the Universe will be at their peak. This could manifest in your own life in a renewed sense of belonging and affection at home, work and in the neighborhood. We often close down as the bad news that surrounds us fosters a sense of fear that we are somehow in danger. This lovely planetary combination reminds us that opening our hearts is the only real way to combat negativity. Although May and August are when the trine aspect between the two planets is exact, the general atmosphere of Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces ensures that our emotions get some attention this year. If you have felt unloved or lonely recently, this wonderful planetary connection could help you to reach out to others. And of course, others to you!

Mid May Mars enters Aquarius, turning retrograde on June 26 thru August 26. Mars in this sign is especially connected with the desire for independence and the potential to seize it forcibly if necessary. In personal terms this could involve generational struggles, relationship issues and the deep compulsion to throw off the ties that bind. If this is something that preoccupies you this year, don't be surprised. This is not a bad thing but it is wise to think before you act. Remember the general emphasis in 2018 is on security — that means emotional as well as financial. Uranus in Taurus can help you navigate the labyrinth of your life. Ideally you will find ways to refresh your most important relationships and commitments and find new ways to move forward without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

As the year comes to an end, Mars joins Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter is 'at home' in Sagittarius. Uranus, after dipping into Taurus, returns to fiery Aries (just until March) for a final fling. So, the year ends on a much more emotional and inspirational note!

The general picture this year seems to be one of 'marking time' to a certain degree. The world has been shaken up to such an extent in recent years that it would be fantastic to regain a little stability. Although I know that this is nigh on impossible in some areas. However, the planets will be helping you to create the secure and comfortable place for your loved ones this so dear to your heart.

Best wishes for 2018 and don't forget to check out the other planetary information affecting us in the year to come.