The Solar Eclipse of August 2017

The approaching Solar Eclipse on August 21st has been nick-named the Great American Eclipse. For the first time in 99 years a total solar eclipse will be visible throughout most of the continental United States. Solar eclipses occur at the New Moon when Sun and Moon are at the same position in the sky. This particular Eclipse falls at 29°. Leo, the sign associated with greatness — after all, the Lion is the King of the Jungle!

So you can see we have a concentration of tremendous energy here. There is great potential now at this New Moon for the seeds of mighty and profoundly positive changes to be sown. This can be in your own personal lives — what is your most heartfelt desire? Do you dream of a more comfortable lifestyle with less anxiety about your future? Or do you yearn for a simpler life where you can explore your creative impulses? Are you ready to fall in love with your own adorable Prince or Princess? You may feel compelled to be the hero or heroine in your own quest now so be brave and step onto the path!

Always remember that Leo as a sign is playful and loving. It is the sign linked to drama and glamour and it could be that events unfold in unexpected ways, either in our own lives or on the world stage. It will be wise to be generous towards those around you if anyone acts out a dramatic little tantrum at this time!

This eclipse could play out on the world stage with new initiatives and projects that can benefit all mankind and not just the few. People with innovative ideas may now feel empowered to share them with the wider world when before they were less sure about how they would be received.

All eclipses tend to herald important world events and this is no exception especially as it is connected to Regulus the 'Royal Star'. Regulus is said to embody the positive qualities associated with Royalty such as high mindedness, courage, innate power and integrity. It assists the determination to succeed and often ensures that the rewards and accolades of success are showered upon those who have it prominent in their charts.

Regulus is also often aligned with those in positions of power. So, it is no surprise that this Eclipse may touch some world leaders, and not necessarily in a positive way. For example, the Eclipse falls exactly on Donald Trump's ascendant (where Regulus actually sits in his chart). We have already seen him dealing with numerous challenges with his staff, other branches of government and even some of the American public. This tension is likely to continue, but most likely become more intensity as the Eclipse approaches. We will have to wait and see how this plays out on the international and political scene!

My best advice for all of us during this eclipse is to cultivate a loving heart remember Leo rules the heart!